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We now have black annodizing available for all models - for those who want or need to color coordinate with their trusty steed. Black annodizing will incur a $25 upcharge.

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You are only as strong as your weakest link. PowerCranks can uncover and train your "weakest link" in both cycling and running. When used properly PowerCranks can make you better, a lot better.

"Practice makes perfect" except when you practice imperfectly



PowerCranks is a tool that help triathletes improve both their bike and run ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Do your normal bike training on PowerCranks and watch your run improve also. You can even cut back on your run mileage (putting that "extra" time into either your bike or your swim) and still see run improvement.

PowerCranks were originally designed as a tool to help cyclists, a tool that could be used to help the cyclist to better "pedal in circles". This alone would be a very valuable help to the triathlete because bike power and efficiency is a big deal for the bike leg. From that initial concept we had no idea how good a tool they really could be and how much improvement was possible in the average cyclist.

But, what about those running improvements? Many of our first customers were triathletes and we started getting feedback from them that their running was improving also. This didn't make much sense to us until one day the phone rang and it was Alberto Salazar, the former world record holder for the marathon. Alberto wanted a pair to use in his own coaching practice and he was talking about running form and how these would help the runner. Shortly thereafter we also had contact with a local sprinter (Aaron Thigpen) who said pretty much the same thing. Now all those reports from customers were starting to make sense and we became believers. We now understand why the PowerCranks can help BOTH your cycling and your running and do so at the same time. Check out the video below done by Aaron to explain what constitues good running form and how PowerCranks can help you (and everyone) improve your running form while reducing your risk of injury.


PowerCranks will help both the bike and run in triathletes while just doing your normal bike training. The can also make the athlete less prone to injury. This combination makes the value of PowerCranks to the triathlete expontentially increased over what athletes in other sports will see.

Used by a large number of current and former Olympic (Whitfield), World (Stoltz - see video, Mcquaid, McCormack, Carfrae, Van Steelant, and others) and National Champions (to numerous to mention) in both short course and long course triathlon and both winter and summer triathlon. Surely they have something to offer you!

Exactly what benefits do triathletes see.

Well, these can be quite variable. It depends a lot on what your specific weaknesses are and how you use them. Some see little cycling benefit but a lot of running benefit. Some see little running benefit but a lot of cycling benefit. Most see some to a lot of benefit in both the cycling and running disciplines despite cutting back on their running mileage. And, a few, see huge benefits in both. Plus, those triathletes who have been suffering with nagging injuries frequently report these injuries disappear. Here are what some of our customers say about each of these areas:


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