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We now have black annodizing available for many models - for those who want or need color coordination to their trusty steed. These will incur a $25 upcharge.

black powercranks


I got the PowerCranks bike because all my girls are unbalanced. I use the PowerCranks bike in the preseason to get them balanced to help prevent injuries during the season.
(Div I gymnastics coach)

"Practice makes perfect" except when you practice imperfectly



While it would seem strange that riding a bicycle would help a gynmast, riding a bicycle equipped with PowerCranks can definitely do so. Why? Because gymnasts are typically unbalanced (fore-aft especially) and such can make the gymnast much more susceptible to injury. "All my girls are imbalanced" says the Arkansas gymnastics coach "and we got the PowerCranks equipped exercise bike for pre-season use to help keep them healthy". PowerCranks helps develop both the core strength, core endurance, and coordination that can lead to better gymnastics performance and less risk of serious injury.