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In addition to proper technique we have found that a proper crank length is also extremely important to maximizing cycling power and speed, especially for time-trial type cycling. Our new M8 cranks allow experimenting with crank length as short as 90 mm so even the shortest rider can find the crank length that is best for them.

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Beta testers needed

Yes, we need beta testers to put a new product through the hard use that customers can best provide. Read the text to the left to find out about this new product and how to get involved.

"Practice makes perfect" except when you practice imperfectly

Beta testers wanted

Always on the lookout to improve the product we at PowerCranks have come up with a radical new design that we believe is a step improvement over our current, amazing, model. Improvements are expected to include:

1. A stronger, essentially unbreakable, clutch system. (the current clutch system has about a 1% failure rate per year, and almost zero failure rate if used exclusivelyindoors).

2. 3 training modes, Fully independent (PowerCranks), locked (regular cranks), hybrid. Two of these modes are especially useful for racing and mountain bikes.

3. An improved locking system. Lock or unlock the cranks will take about 5-10 seconds per side.

4. More sensitive, picking up minor technique deficiencies possibly missed by regular PowerCranks.

5. Many potential customers have heard about how hard PowerCranks are so are afraid of losing fitness during the transition. While not any easier every new user should be able to take this new model out on their long ride the very first day.

6. Because it is "easier" to do long rides on them these should better train users for the most important last 20% of the race.

7. Absolutely the best tool (I believe) for doing crank length testing and for bike fitting.

8. Lighter than regular PowerCranks.

I have been using a second generation prototype for about 6 weeks and I love them and feel they are ready for prime-time. But, more experience is necessary which is the reason for this beta testing.

Expected retail price of the product is expected to be about $1,500. Beta testers will be given product for $750. If you already own PowerCranks we will give you some trade-in value for your current model, depending upon age and condition. First units should be ready to ship by mid-May.

We have some questions that need to be answered to help us choose between several design options and the best way to do this is to put the product in the hands of actual users. Hence we are looking for beta testers. Here is who we are looking for:

1. We want people who will put this product through rigorous use, abuse it if you will. We really want to test the clutch system.

2. We want people who are both previously PowerCranks trained and who are not. That way we can assess the experience of those who know what the PowerCranks experience is and those who do not.

3. We want people who will keep a log of their use and experience and to give us feedback regarding improvements they would like to see.

4. We may ask at some point that you exchange your cranks with us so we may examine them for wear and potential design improvements.

If you are interested in getting involved with this program please email me, Frank Day, and put beta tester in the subject line. I will contact you about getting you the iteration that will best suit your needs.