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In addition to proper technique we have found that a proper crank length is also extremely important to maximizing cycling power and speed, especially for time-trial type cycling. Our new M8 cranks allow experimenting with crank length as short as 90 mm so even the shortest rider can find the crank length that is best for them.

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Find out here what is available and some of the pros and cons of each choice. Everyone has different needs. Here we try to help you understand the differences between our choices and what would work best for you. More help in making this decison can be found here.

"Practice makes perfect" except when you practice imperfectly

Exercise Machines and more

For those who do not have and want a high quality exercise machine for training indoors we can help you and, at the same time, you can save money by purchasing your PowerCranks at the same time you purchase your exercise machine.The two main manufacturers we work with are Saris Cycleops, and Racermate. Saris (Cycleops) makes three different models of a single machine and Racermate, who makes a very high end ergometer (Velotron) and a very popular trainer (Computrainer). With all of these choices we can satisfy almost any need. The differences and advantages of the various machines is detailed here.

Cycleops Phantom series machines
Racermate Velotron and Computrainer

Cycleops Phantom series exercise bikes

Cycleops makes 3 different models that have varying capabilities from the base Phantom1, a mid Phantom3, and the top of the line Phantom 5. The basic bike is the same for all models and is built to stand up to heavy use. The one thing that Cycleops offers not available on most other exercise bikes is the ability to have actual power output (this starts with the Phantom3) available at an affordable price. All of their models look the pretty much the same (except for the decals) so we have included only one picture. Order your bike here with PowerCranks and get a 10% discount on the package.

cycleops 300 pro

The Phantom 1 features:


The Phantom 3 features:

The Phantom 5 features:

You can modify all these machines with any almost PowerCranks product. The way these machines are manufactured and packaged makes it difficult for us to modify these machines and then repackage them for you for safe shipping so if you order the combination Cycleops will drop ship you the machine and we will ship the PowerCranks for you to modify your machine separately. Modification requires you to purchase a 52 tooth chain ring and some chain ring bolts and you may need a crank removal tool if you do not have one. It is quite simple to do and there is a video available showing how it is done. If you want us to modify the machine before shipping it to you there will be an additional charge of $350 (to cover additional parts and labor plus there will be an additional shipping costl because the bike must first be shipped to us before modification then shipped to you). Quantity discounts also available, contact us.

Cycleops Phantom 1 without PowerCranks, ($1,299.99) [Add to Cart]
Cycleops Phantom 3 without PowerCranks, ($2,399.99) [Add to Cart]
Cycleops Phantom 5 without PowerCranks,
($2,599.99 ) [Add to Cart]

Cycleops Phantom 1 with PowerCranks, ($1,979.10) [Add to Cart]
Cycleops Phantom 3 with PowerCranks, ($2,968.20) [Add to Cart]
Cycleops Phantom 5 with PowerCranks, ($3,149.10) [Add to Cart]

PowerCranks does modifying. Approximately $650 per bike includes an additional shipping fee. Contact us.

If you wish to add any other special Cycleops hardware or software to this order please contact us.
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Racermate Velotron and Computrainer


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Velotron is a computer controlled, precision electronic bicycle ergometer/trainer of a proprietary new design. It's mechanical design provides the highest laboratory grade accuracy and repeatability, the widest load range of any commercially available electronic ergometer, high durability/low maintenance, and an authentic road feel that closely simulates riding outdoors. The system uses an innovative patented eddy current brake built around a heavy (55lb), large diameter flywheel with an internal freewheel. It uses a fixed ratio, high efficiency chain drive. Shifting is accomplished electronically with "virtual" gearing. Velotron is widely used in universities, sports science labs, and bicycle coaching/testing centers, often in conjunction with the optional Wingate Test software.

Velotron's ultra-low starting load of 5 Watts is advantageous for rehab, cardio, pulmonary and orthopaedic applications. Because of its superior accuracy Velotron is the only bicycle ergometer approved for use in the USA Cycling National Talent Search.

Applications: Personal Ergometer - Sports Science - Health Clubs - Medical Rehabilitation.

Controlled by Windows based software running on a separate laptop or desktop PC, the software has two separate and distinct functional modes: Ergometer mode and Bicycle Simulation mode which includes the effects of wind resistance, rider weight, rider aerodynamic drag factor, road grade, speed, acceleration and inertia. FEATURES: Accuracy, Repeatability and Load Range Velotron creates loads from 5 to 2000 watts which covers the entire range of human capability. Accuracy is +/- 1.5% of reading across the entire load range. Repeatability of +/- 0.2 % or better. This level of accuracy/repeatability meets or exceeds that of competitive laboratory bicycle ergometers costing $10,000 to $20,000.

The system’s negligible internal friction makes possible a lower load limit of 5 Watts which sets a new minimum limit for electronic bicycle ergometers. Lifetime Calibration Velotron is dynamometer calibrated and by design does not require recalibration like ergometers based on strain gauges which drift over time. AccuWattTM Calibration Verification Unique to Velotron, the AccuWattTM calibration checking procedure (patent pending) quickly compares present performance to the original factory performance to verify that no change has occurred.

Massive Flywheel Large diameter, 55 lb. flywheel with free-wheel provides an exceptionally realistic bike-like ride including coasting downhill. No knee strain during deceleration as with "spinning bikes". Electronic Gear Shifting Velotron uses a fixed ratio chain drive. Shifting is done electronically from the handlebar controller or PC keyboard. The rider can set "virtual" gears to mimic the chain ring/rear cluster combinations on any bicycle.

Software Velotron is controlled by system software which runs on Windows laptop and desktop computers. The software has two distinct functional modes: Ergometer mode and Bicycle simulation mode. Watts, cadence, heartrate, speed, distance, time and calories are displayed and recorded for instantaneous, average and peak values. SpinScanTM pedal stroke analysis measures biomechanical efficiency. Features include programmable workload protocols, motivational 3D bike courses, two-person races, recordable performances, course creation either manually or with optional Topo USA Course Creator topographical software.

The Velotron Dynafit Pro comes with an adjustable frame for riders between 4'8" to 6' 10". Square seatpost and stem assemblies insure permanent, secure alignment. Stainless steel construction of adjustable assemblies resist corrosion. Etched length markers are for precise, repeatable positioning. Includes (3) waterbottle holders. The Velotron Dynafit comes with the following color options, red frame/yellow flywheel, blue frame/silver flywheel, redframe/silver flywheel. Please specify your choice in the comments. No comment implys no preference.

The Velotron Basic is used with a frame the user supplies. It comes with the choice of flywheel color, yellow or silver. Also, if ordering the combo package, we need to know the BB type of the bike you will be mounting them on. Please specify your choices in the comments section. No comment implies no preference.

The Velotron Rehab frame has no top-tube making it an "easy on/easy off" frame for the rehab patient and low starting load levels (as low as 5 watts) make the Velotron Rehab ideal for use in orthopaedic, pulmonary and cardio rehabilitation in the non-athlete. The Rehab model is only available with blue rehab frame and yellow flywheel.

Modifying the Velotron (or your bike) to work with PowerCranks is as easy as changing a set of cranks on a bicycle. $AVE UP TO $400 when ordering your PowerCranks with your Velotron with free shipping. Quantity discounts available, contact us. Choose your options in the shopping cart.

Velotron without PowerCranks, select options in cart, starting at $7,675 [Add to Cart]
Velotron with PowerCranks package, includes free shipping, select options in cart, [Add to Cart]


If you wish to add any other special hardware or software (such as Wingate testing software, or course software) to this order please contact us.


CompuTrainer provides the most interesting indoor bike experience yet created. It increases your cycling power by 20 to 30% and your speed by 2 to 4 MPH. Whatever your starting point, you’ll improve significantly. CompuTrainer is best in its class by a wide margin. It sets the industry standard for accuracy (± 2.5%), power (1500 watts), quality, and service lifetime (10+ years). Exclusive performance features like SpinScan™ electronic pedal stroke analysis and Adjustable Aerodynamic Drag Factor are unique to CompuTrainer. Cycling and triathlon coaches worldwide use CompuTrainer as their primary testing instrument. USA Triathlon and USA Cycling test and train their team athletes with CompuTrainer. The Lab version of this product has greater accuracy. If ordering with PowerCranks you must specify what kind of BB you need as these will need to be mounted on your bike.

Receive free shipping if ordering a Computrainer and PowerCranks at the same time. Quantity discounts available, contact us.

Computrainer without PowerCranks, select options in cart, $1,199 [Add to Cart]
Computrainer with PowerCranks package, with free shipping, select options in cart [Add to Cart]

If you wish to add any other special hardware or software (such as Wingate testing software, or course software) to this order please contact us.

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